Does the Shipping industry need to go through that Digital Transformation?

In recent years industries over the board are facing big digital transformations. New technologies and solutions are in every corner of our lives. They are there because the bring entire new ways of solving problems to the table. We are constantly surrounded with new ideas and all of them are offering the great new processes for our business, for our lives.

Creating solutions and software that will help us to do and finish something in an easier way, more secure, faster and professional is a dream of any company and people itself. The shipping industry needs innovation through software solutions targeting team collaboration and improved processes. Collaboration is in essence key to any quest of productivity increase and remaining competitive.

Shipping’s digital transformation

Shipping port

In the past few years there is a big focus in solutions for shipping transport. Shipping administrators and teams struggle to keep up with more volume and more complexity. Using personal email and general mailboxes are still practices out there. This is a problem since email is not a collaboration tool. As a matter of fact, it slows down collaboration. Fast-moving environments such as shipbrokers, charters and trades this is a problem. 

ChartDesk helps the daily work of any commercial ship chartering team. This software provides a faster, more secure and more efficient ‘team communication culture’ versus any traditional email system. ChartDesk is Cloud-based with professional management tools that are specially created for its purpose, solving all problems the shipping industry may encounter, such as: late delivered message, no notifications or verification for delivery, hard to find shared documents, etc.

Why the shipping industry need specific collaboration and management tools?

There are many collaboration tools out there. They can work great and help organizations to manage their team work better. But they are all good for specific kind of industries and if one of them is great for Marketing Agencies or IT Companies that does not mean that will work as well for the shipping industry also. The shipping industry is specific and requires a software solution entirely calibrated to its challenges.

Some organizations in the shipping industry see collaboration as a true problem that needs to be solved. Some see it as something that needs to be optimized. Either way, ChartDesk brings a next generation collaboration culture to the Shipping Industry. By combining cost effectiveness, innovation, usability and fast Cloud deployment ChartDesk is here to disrupt the Shipping Industry. 

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