How it Works?

ChartDesk combines an effective shared inbox for shipping teams and a suite of easy-to-use tools to deliver a compelling solution that promises to ease the daily grind of commercial ship operations.

Why ChartDesk





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Collaborative Messaging

ChartDesk offers a powerful and unified way to work with all your shared mailboxes (eg., ).

  • Read Status personalized read status for shared mailboxes
  • Eliminate Duplicate Emails all team members are sharing and acting on the same email
  • Eliminate Accidental Deletes only administrators are able to delete emails
  • Read-By Status eliminate need to ask each other “Have you seen that email from charterer?”
  • Shared Folders share RECAPS, load/ discharge status, noon reports among teams efficiently

ChartDesk emphasises TEAM objectives to get everyone aligned towards the same goals

ChartDesk IM
  • Comment discuss the email among team members
  • @someone alert a coworker or entire team to an email, ship, or contact 
  • #tag categorize and automate filing of your emails

Built for Shipping Teams

ChartDesk enhances operational efficiency by integrating all the tools you need: broadcast function, powerful search, and long term archival.

ChartDesk dashboard
ChartDesk dashboard

  • Administrator-User Approach by assigning user access rights to team members to view specific emails
  • Auto Filing with specific combination of keywords for archiving of emails
  • Powerful Search Engine to find the emails you need quickly
  • Built-In “Open Tonnage” Broadcast Function to overcome ‘max recipients’ limitation of your current email hosting service when broadcasting cargo or ship positions
  • Broadcast Delivery Report includes statistics of Opened/Unread/Spam/Bounced/Dropped/Deferred
  • Long Term Archival never lose another email again. All emails are securely stored and archived for at least 7 years
  • Secure with industry standard 256-bit SSL encryption employed

Fully Integrated Tools

ChartDesk make common chartering tools available at your fingertips to enhance the productivity for your team.

ChartDesk Dashboard
  • AIS terrestrial and satellite tracking for your fleet
  • Integrated Ship Position Parsing no need to forward open tonnage emails to a 3rd party for ship position parsing
  • Ship Database comprising a comprehensive commercial and technical details of all Dry/Bulk/Tankers which are at least 1000 DWT, and built 1985 or later
  • ChartDesk Directory look up contact information of owners, charterers, brokers and agents 
  • Distance Table and Voyage Estimator (coming soon)