Ship Management Software

Ship Management Software

ChartDesk helps ship industry with management software, such as shared email inboxes.

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    How it Works

    Chartdesk Dashboard


    Work together as one team.
    ChartDesk gives teams an aerial view on team activity while generic email systems don’t. Team members can now cross-check one another’s emails in real time and truly exchange business emails as one team.

    Ship Management Software


    Easily initiate team discussions.
    No more replying-all or forwarding emails. Teams can communicate using internal comments, @someone mentions or simply assigning
    emails to a specific member.

    Ship Management Software


    Let algorithms sort out your email, not you.
    ChartDesk cuts email excess by 90% whilst storing more emails, so your team can now focus more without archiving or managing them.

    Ship Management Software


    Propel forward with an undisrupted workflow.
    With integrated functions like AIS tracker and ETA vessel prediction built into ChartDesk, your teams can now find all the info they need, manage and share in one straightforward and intuitive platform.

    Chartdesk Dashboard


    The shipping world in the palm of your hands.
    Tap into an extensive ship database and directory. ChartDesk is built to contain bulk data that’s made actionable. Ideal for owners, charterers, operators and brokers.


    Collaborate efficiently with team and ship visibility.

    The collaboration’s much easier when everyone’s notified of relevant team activity and all vessel movement in real-time.


    Perform time-sensitive tasks with intelligent solutions.

    While ChartDesk’s algorithms clear email glut (by up to 40%) and auto-file emails, it’s APIs gather and transmit ship data at the speed of a click.

    Remote work

    Work from anywhere.

    Access ChartDesk without needing remote-access applications like Citrix. Tap into information securely stored an encrypted cloud, not devices.


    We are sending & receiving thousands of emails every day,
    and having to do this as a team where everyone is “in the loop”.
    There is no looking back to Outlook once you are on ChartDesk.
    Andre D’Rozario, Vantage Shipbrokers

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    Ship Management Software