How ChartDesk disrupts your email culture

How ChartDesk disrupts your email culture

A huge chunk of collaboration goes through email. That way of collaborate is now being questioned. Many commodity IT providers such as Microsoft try to provide alternatives to email, with the sole goal of increasing productivity. Nevertheless, email is something sticky and in order to replace it, you would need something very tailor made to your industry. ChartDesk does precisely this for the logistics and supply chain industry. Email in general is becoming a challenge but the shared email accounts are particularly challenging.

Some classical issues that come with a shared inbox are very known.
One person could assumes someone else is handling an email but that is not happening. Bad response times are the result. Customer service reps working on email waste up to 20% of their time sifting through customer emails to find the easiest ones to respond to first. We call this cherry picking. This not only wastes the rep’s time but it also leaves certain customers with more complex issues waiting too long.
Reps lack context when viewing a customer email and can waste time searching through email history to obtain full visibility of a customer’s conversation history and their issue.
There is always a risk of emails accidentally getting deleted and lost when using a shared mailbox. This can leave a customer waiting indefinitely unless they decide to reach out again.
You cannot easily collaborate with colleagues to resolve a customer issue, close a deal or assign a specific rep to handle the process. This is limiting and can lead to customer issues taking a considerably longer amount of time to resolve. Colleagues can reply to the same email at the same time resulting to the customer receiving two versions of the same company.

There are many more cases out there driving frustration and a loss of productivity. The holy grail is to seek for three key resolutions; Save time for all team members, improve collaboration, make team efforts transparent.

ChartDesk is a solution that is part of the new IoT revolution. It solves the tough problem of transaction, report and fast search. Contact us for a demo.

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